ournament said: my name's audrika :O

No way!!!


If your boyfriend tells you to lose weight, you should absolutely do as he says. Drop 150 pounds instantly by dumping his stupid ass and then go eat a pizza like the beautiful bitch you are

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"And while it’s trendy to bash Lady Gaga for trying to be an artist, it’s not only idiotic to do so, but also rude and unnecessary. Whether or not you like how the album sounds is, of course, a matter of personal preference, but to write it off as a shallow, bad album without trying to understand it is just poor journalism. So while I think this is easily one of her best pieces of work, and one of the best pop albums in recent memory, it [ARTPOP] will fare critically like David Bowie’s Lodger album. That is to say, mixed reactions initially, but over time, as people listen to it over and over, they will realize what a truly amazing piece of work this is."
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