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So we have dress down Fridays at work and today coincidentally four of the guys in my office all turned up wearing maroon sweaters and they all kinda looked at each other and then after a second one of them just goes “it’s a shame there isn’t one more of us because then we could be Maroon 5” and I laughed about it for the rest of the day

Fifty Shades of Fluorine: Enzymes


"Oh no. Oh no." Fluorine whispered to his friend Oxygen as three dangerous looking enzymes waked into the club. They were always the catalysts for any reaction around here. Most nights were pretty chill, but whenever the enzymes were around, the energy was thrown out of whack and things just happened. Oxygen checked them out briefly. "Yeah, they look pretty mean, but that assay though.”

I thought that said moist nights.

New movie idea


Nicki Minaj is cloned twice and the three of them team up to take down the evil organisation behind it. It’s called ‘Minaj a Trois’.


SO I TEXTED MY FRIEND AND I SAID “i have a geometry test tomorrow ughh” AND HE FUCKING REPLIED, “better learn to shape it up!” I AM FUCKING DONE.

I once had a circuits test and I told my mom how hard it was and how I was gonna go take a nap and she responded “well I guess then your circuits are friend lololololol”

2014 Bad Joke No. 286


Which snake is really into geometry?


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